Kamene Goro Denies Sleeping With Former Radio Colleagues

Kenyan media personality Kamene Goro has set the record straight on her relationships with her former radio colleagues, including Andrew Kibe, Jalang’o, and Obinna.

In a recent interview, Kamene was asked about accusations that she had a thing with her former male colleagues. She responded that she had never had a romantic relationship with any of them.

“When you started creating your content with Obinna, people were saying look at the way this guy is just waiting for Kamene and Bonez to waachane then Obinna comes in,” the interviewer commented.

“It started when I was working with Kibe then it became when I was with Jalas, and then now it was Obinna and I am ‘guys!’. I actually have more male friends than I have female friends and we have some really good friendships. Like I have know Obinna for a very long time, same way I have known Jalang’o for a very long time. And guess what guys, we are just friends. Haijawai pita yani anything ever ever yani we homies,” Kamene stressed.

Kamene has been very open about her private life in the past, including her body count. In 2018, she confessed that she had slept with 27 men at only 26 years of age.

However, she has also been very clear about the fact that she is not looking for a romantic relationship at the moment. She is focused on her career and building a life for herself.

Kamene’s message is a reminder that it is possible to have close friendships with members of the opposite sex without there being any romantic involvement. It is also important to respect people’s privacy and not make assumptions about their relationships.

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