Kamene Goro loses her cool after being told to hit the gym: Hope your pettiness helps you pay some bills this week

Radio host Kamene Goro has been under constant pressure from her fans to hit the gym and shed of some kilos.

Fans have been pushing the once really curvy presenter asking her to hit the gym to regain her sexy body. Kamene, who has returned to the gym already, has not been a fan of the pressure. Online she has been mocking those pressuring her.

“You cannot imagine the immensity of the Fuck I do not give. Good Morning Body Shamers…..hope your pettiness helps you pay some bills this week….. #NRGBreakfastClub” wrote Kamene Goro.

Working out

A while back, Kamene confessed that gym won’t really help her out because she’s naturally big.

“I’ve never been small, I was put on diets from as early as the age of 6, not because I was unhealthy but because Society frowned upon me being bigger than the rest, School was a whole other battlefield, straight up to my A levels. See I wasn’t bothered with how I looked, what bothered me was how everybody else including my family was bothered by it. I realized the problem was not me, I had no problem with my body, I was fighting my body because everybody else was fighting it. And you could see this struggle manifest in how my body was, how my face looked, and how tough and hard my spirit had become, I was perpetually at war…” she said, 

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