Kamene Goro Raises Concerns About Oga Obinna Interfering With Her Marriage

Kenyan media personality Kamene Goro has shared her concerns about a recent interaction with her friend and former colleague Oga Obinna, expressing worries about its potential impact on her newly married life.

A seemingly lighthearted cooking session captured on Kamene’s YouTube channel took a turn when Oga Obinna’s attempt to touch her face led to a tense moment. Kamene’s husband, DJ Bonez, swiftly intervened, emphasizing the importance of respecting personal boundaries within their home.

Kamene acknowledged the longstanding familiarity and playful nature of her relationship with Oga Obinna. However, she expressed concern about his difficulty adjusting to her new married status, suggesting a need for Oga Obinna to recognize the presence and comfort zone of her husband within their shared space.

While acknowledging the good intentions behind Oga Obinna’s gesture, Kamene highlighted the need for him to understand the potential implications of such actions in the context of her marriage. She expressed a desire to guide him through this transition while setting clear boundaries for their friendship moving forward.

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