Kamene Goro Shares Advice on How to Date Oga Obinna

Kamene Goro, a long-time friend of comedian Oga Obinna, has shared some advice for women who are interested in dating him.

According to Kamene, Obinna is a man who judges people based on their words and actions. She says that he is not interested in beautiful women who are always talking about money or material possessions.

“Obinna has money, but he doesn’t like women who are always asking for it,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be able to hold a conversation and be interested in things other than shopping and clubbing.”

Kamene also advised women not to smoke or drink excessively if they want to date Obinna. She says that he is not attracted to women who are constantly intoxicated.

“Obinna is a family man,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be someone who loves children and is willing to settle down.”

Finally, Kamene said that women should make sure to have their nails done before they go on a date with Obinna. She says that he is a very particular man and he appreciates women who take care of their appearance.

“Obinna is a good man,” Kamene said. “If you can follow these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to winning his heart.”

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