Karen Nyamu finally discusses how she feels about Samidoh visiting Edday in America

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu reaffirms her commitment to her romantic relationship with Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, amidst speculations about their status.

Responding to a fan’s insinuation on social media that she had been abandoned by the father of her two children, Nyamu, known for her outspoken nature, clarified that their bond was only growing stronger.

The fan went further to offer unsolicited advice, suggesting Nyamu find her own partner instead of being content as Samidoh’s paramour.

In her response, Nyamu hinted that Samidoh might find it challenging to live without her presence.

“We previously offered you counsel, but you insisted it was impossible. Regardless, your partner is a married man; consider finding someone else or returning to your previous relationship like your friend,” the inquisitive fan probed.

“I will never leave him,” Nyamu affirmed.

Nyamu has remained under the spotlight, particularly among her social media followers, since Samidoh chose to visit his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu, and their children in the USA.

Edday relocated to the US following disagreements with Samidoh regarding Nyamu’s involvement in their relationship and has implied multiple times that she has moved on from their marriage.

Nyamu contends that Samidoh’s trip to the US was solely to reconnect with his children, emphasizing his role as a devoted father.

“Samidoh works in Kenya, so naturally, he missed his children. He visited to see them. It was necessary for him to spend time with his babies, and they needed to be with their father,” she clarified.

Nyamu also clarified that she harbored no resentment towards Samidoh for visiting his estranged wife and children.

“Who said we’ve separated? Interpret the visit as you wish, but I perceive it as a caring father fulfilling his parental duties. Our children are fortunate,” she asserted.

Furthermore, she expressed happiness for both Samidoh and the children, emphasizing the importance of their reunion.

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