Karen Nyamu responds to fan asking what she’ll do if Samidoh reconciles with Edday

On Monday morning, Samidoh’s eldest daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, confirmed that the renowned Mugithi artist is currently in the United States with them.

Shirleen validated Senator Karen Nyamu’s earlier disclosure, who had shared the news of Samidoh’s visit over the weekend in one of her posts.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry in one of her recent Facebook posts, the nominated senator confirmed that Samidoh traveled to the United States to spend time with his children.

She also emphasized that there would be no complications if the Mugithi artist decided to mend things with his first wife, Edday Nderitu.

“He (Samidoh) is there as we speak to see the children. Even if Edday comes back to the mix, we’ve shared many peaceful years, and she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu stated on Friday.

Moreover, she clarified that she would not join Samidoh and his other family in the United States, as it would complicate matters, contrary to their desires.

On Monday morning, it was disclosed that Samidoh is presently in Boston, USA, where he has had the opportunity to reunite with his children after an extended period.

The exact arrival date of the skilled Kikuyu musician in the Western country remains unclear, but his daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, shared the news of their reunion.

Interestingly, Samidoh and Edday left fans puzzled after both shared videos grooving to Kuruga wa Wanjiku’s Kau Kanua. The song primarily addresses someone with a big mouth.

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