Karen Nyamu Set To Sire Another Baby With Samidoh

If Karen Nyamu’s word is any indication, she plans to have more children by her beloved Samidoh, whom she shares with Edday Nderitu.

Presently, the UDA-nominated Senator is the mother of three children: two of which are attributed to Samidoh and one to DJ Saint Kevinz.
Karen Nyamu addressed the possibility of having a third child with Samidoh in response to criticism regarding women becoming pregnant for their husbands.

Syljayee Jumah, a Facebook user, questioned why Karen Nyamu, despite her beauty, was unable to find a husband.

In response to the question, Nyamu said she’s not done giving birth with Samidoh.

In late 2019, while he was performing at a political gathering, the two lovebirds got together and fell in love right away.

Nyamu wasted little time in becoming pregnant for him. In December 2020, she gave birth to Samidoh’s son.

For months, Samidoh flatly denied being Karen’s baby daddy, until Nyamu revealed the truth in January 2021.

The Mugithi singer came clean to his wife after Nyamu revealed that he was her biological father. But Nyamu didn’t stop there; on February 26, 2022, she gave birth to a baby girl after becoming pregnant once more for Samidoh.

The erratic connection between Nyamu and Samidoh occasionally backfired in public.

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