Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh questioned by her re-post.

Mugithi artist Samidoh is rumored to have quietly returned to Kenya after a visit to the USA, where he spent time with his first family and also performed. Despite his return, his baby mama Karen Nyamu is facing numerous online inquiries about why she has not shared any updates on his return to Nairobi.

Many fans have eagerly anticipated the reunion of the couple, as Samidoh’s absence has been a topic of discussion. Karen has chosen not to comply with requests to share details about his rumored arrival. Instead, she reposted an Instagram reel that raises more questions than answers. The Nominated Senator spent her Sunday engaged in a photoshoot.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man, I don’t give chances to others.”

She humorously described it as “Delusional much.”

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