Kate Actress and Maureen Waititu among top female personalities who bagged the coveted Couture Africa Style Awards 2020

Image: Kate actress and Maureen Waititu among female personalities who bagged coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

The list of the just concluded Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists is finally out.

A coveted African award that saw a good number of Kenya’s A-list female celebrities work day and night just to be the ones to clinch awards for different categories but like they all say, there can only be one winner.

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That is exactly how it ended.

Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists

Fortunately, there are still wins in the Kenyan celebrity space to applaud among them being curvy YouTuber Maureen Waititu and the stylish Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress.

The former Mother-in-Law actress has proven her unique taste and sense of style when it comes to fashion, ever going extra be it Monday, Friday or Sunday.

Kate Actress clinches two Awards at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Crowning it during the Couture Africa Awards 2020, where she made a stylish appearance in a classy, hot designer black dress, making her steps to the front as she bagged home, two Awards.

She got crowned Most Stylish Entertainer of the Year and Most Stylish Person of the Year during the fashion awards.

The beauty who did not take anything to chance, made a ground-breaking appearance at the event, teasing her loyal fans;

Imagine dressing up this much alafu nikose ku win ????, aki you guys always come through ???? Asanteni Sana..

Kate Actress at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Ms Waititu on the other hand, sure did not disappoint. Stepping out looking like a million bucks, in a stylish, glittering off-shoulder long dress that let out a good part of her thighs as she scooped the Most Stylish Female Content Creator of the Year 2020 Award.

“Here to say that I am filled with gratitude to all who have not stopped believing in me, those who pray and cheer me on, those who encourage me and even those who have put me down,” she beautifully captioned.

Maureen Waititu at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Congratulations to them!

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