Kate Actress defends romantic pictures of her new romance while on vacation in Dubai

Award-winning actress Kate Kamau, formerly known as Catherine Kamau, has responded to criticism from a fan who accused her of quickly entering a new relationship after her separation from husband Philip Karanja.

Celebrating her 37th birthday in Dubai with her new partner, Michael Mwangi, Kate shared moments from her extravagant getaway on her Instagram story. She showcased her luxurious surroundings, elegant outfit, and affectionate moments with Michael.

Amidst the birthday celebrations, a fan with the username “lady_mathai” expressed surprise at how swiftly Kate had found a new boyfriend. Kate responded humorously, saying, “Boyfriends look for them,” suggesting that she had not actively sought a new relationship but allowed things to unfold naturally.

The playful exchange on social media garnered various reactions from Kate’s followers. While many offered words of encouragement and admiration for the new couple, some expressed curiosity about the dynamics of Kate’s newfound romance.

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