Kelvin Kinuthia Brushes Off Questions About His Sexuality

Kenyan content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has termed questions surrounding his sexuality as outdated. Recently, a fan asked him on Instagram if he is gay, probably due to his style of wearing feminine clothes.

Kinuthia jokingly replied that the question is “out of date.” He has previously said that he is a man, but he is not ready to stop acting as a woman because that is his livelihood. He claims that the female role that he plays has made him get jobs doing ads for women’s clothing and cosmetics.

The content creator has also hinted that he plans to have a family in the near future, but not for about 10 years. He said that he is not looking to venture into marriage soon because he wants to focus on his career.

Kinuthia’s mother has previously said that she would be very happy when her son sends her a daughter-in-law. However, Kinuthia has made it clear that he is not ready to settle down anytime soon.

It is important to respect people’s privacy and allow them to share their own stories on their own terms. We should not speculate about people’s personal lives, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like sexuality.

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