Kennedy Rapudo is a weak, shameless simp

Kennedy Rapudo keeps opening his mouth or rather exercising his Twitter fingers and each time he does so he looks like a useless, spineless simp.

The man recently made a post on social media in which he insinuated that the child Amber Ray is carrying might not be his. It was a case of simple deductive reasoning because she’s about 2 months away from giving birth to her second child.

In his post he said the truth will be out in 2 months and that the truth doesn’t keep changing into new versions or rather mutating. So why did Kennedy Rapudo quickly walked back that statement?

There can only be one of two reasons why he did so the first being that he was lying to his audience and courting attention by any means necessary. And the second might be due to the fact that he is truly petrified of Amber and her retaliation.

Whatever the case may be, Kennedy Rapudo cuts the image of a wishy-washy man incapable of standing ten toes down and please so why would anyone believe in him?

He seems to be led by his emotions which is why he runs to social media to vomit them as if he views his audience as emotional tampons meant to absorb what he cannot control.

Kennedy Rapudo is staying true to the image of the man who was introduced to us; a simple chases after a woman who was accused of being a pro and a single mother who had a string of failed relationships that featured her breaking up homes and damaging marriages.

One can only wish not to raise a son like him or have a brother like him; a high net-worth individual who lacks the mental fortitude that makes great man out of men.

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