Kennedy Rapudo Opens Up On How He Bonds With Amber Ray

Amber Ray’s fiancé has spoken out about his relationship with his wife and how he deals with online pressure.

Rapudo said that he is a dedicated family man and that his wife is his “support system.” He said that he is always there for her when she needs him, and that family comes first for him.

The couple recently had a daughter, Africanah, who is two months old. Rapudo said that he is enjoying being a father and that the experience has been easier than he expected.

Rapudo also addressed the rumors about his wealth. He said that he does not care what people say about him, and that he is not using anyone’s taxes or money laundering. He said that he is just living his own life and that if people are jealous, then that is their problem.

He continued to say that he and his wife are planning to get married, but that it will be a private ceremony. He said that he does not want to make a big deal about it, and that he just wants to enjoy the moment with his family.

Rapudo said that he is grateful for his wife and that she is the right woman for him. He said that she is a caring woman who does not give him pressure, and that she is the reason why their relationship has lasted so long.

He said that he is not bothered by the people who predict the end of their romance, and that he is confident that their relationship will last.

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