Kenya Kwanza blogger kicked out of WhatsApp group for demanding fuel price reduction

Benji Ndolo, a rights activist and communications expert, reported being expelled from President William Ruto’s Media Voices Communication group.

“I have been removed from the President’s Media Voices communication group. No problem… God bless our country and protect truthtellers. Good morning!”

In additional discoveries, Mr. Ndolo disclosed that Ms. Joy Mdivo, the new Chairperson of the Kenya Power Board and the daughter of Bishop J.B. Masinde, is the admin of the Media Voices organization.

After publicly demanding that the government cut the price of petrol by 50% and that President Ruto hear the same message, he was excommunicated from the group a few hours later.

“Fuel prices need to go down by 50% one way or the other. Someone tell William Ruto. #FuelPrices,” said Mr Ndolo on September 17, 2023.

Mr. Ndolo defended himself by asserting that he had only provided ideas rather than incited anyone.

“I’ve not incited anyone. I’ve offered ideas. Can’t force anyone to listen, and can’t work for a dictator anyway. It’s disgusting,”

Additionally, he implied that Kenya is “burning” right now and that the country’s high cost of living is a ticking time bomb. He also concurred with the notion that Kenya Kwanza despises the truth.

In Kenya, the price of fuel has been a contentious issue lately. This comes when the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) on September 15, 2023, announced new fuel prices.

Super gasoline, kerosene, and diesel retailed at historical highs of Sh 211.64, Sh 200.9, and Sh 202.61, respectively, after price increases of Sh 16.96, Sh 21.32, and Sh 33.13, respectively.

The political class and regular Kenyans were outraged by these new rates and accused the government of doing nothing to reduce the country’s exorbitant cost of living.

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