Kenya Power to Disconnect Power in Four Counties on Friday for Routine Maintenance

Kenya Power will be disconnecting power in four counties on Friday, August 25, 2023, for routine maintenance. The affected counties are Nairobi, Kiambu, Trans Nzoia, and Kilifi.

In Nairobi, the affected areas are Kaloleni estate, including Kaloleni Social Hall, St John’s Secondary School, and adjacent customers.

In Kiambu, the affected areas are Kinoo, Muthiga, Baraniki, Kinoo Market, Gaitumbi, and adjacent customers.

In Trans Nzoia, the affected areas are Matunda and Moi’s Bridge, Chukura, Kona Mbaya, Nzoia, Binyenya, Mburur, and adjacent customers.

In Kilifi, the affected areas are Vipingo, Mariashani, Utalii College, Vipingo Health Center, Vipingo Trading Center, Vipingo Makaburini, Palm Ridge, Awali Estate, Shariani, Madrassa, Shariani Primary School, Shariani Center, Kuruwitu Road, Vipingo Ridge Bridge, Buxton Kinuni, Kuruwitu Michikichi, Shariani Pope, and adjacent customers.

The power will be disconnected from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Kenya Power apologizes for any inconvenience caused and asks customers to bear with them during this time.

The power interruptions are necessary to ensure the reliability and safety of the electricity distribution network. Kenya Power regularly conducts maintenance on its network to prevent outages and improve service quality.

Customers can contact Kenya Power’s customer care number 020-2221999 for more information.

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