Chipukeezy hospitalized

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has been admitted to Nairobi Hospital with stomach complications. His close friend Dennis Itumbi announced the news on social media, and said that Chipukeezy was undergoing a series of tests.

Itumbi said that Chipukeezy’s progress has been good so far, but that he is expected to undergo more tests. “He is likely to spend more time in the hospital,” Itumbi said.

Chipukeezy’s brother also released a statement on social media, saying that the comedian’s upcoming event to celebrate his 10 years in the entertainment industry has been postponed due to his health.

“Due to this unprecedented, unavoidable, and overwhelming health situation, we regrettably have to postpone Chipukeezy’s upcoming decade celebratory event to a later date, which will be communicated in due course after he fully recuperates,” the brother said.

Itumbi said that his friendship with Chipukeezy goes way back to the beginning of the comedian’s career. “We have since collaborated on numerous projects, from supporting Chipukeezy’s school project to working together on Harambe initiatives aimed at enhancing the school’s facilities,” he said.

Chipukeezy is a popular comedian in Kenya, and his fans are wishing him a speedy recovery.

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