Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna surprises Diamond Platnumz’s mother with expensive gifts

Image: Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna has raised eyebrows after treating Diamond Platnumz’s mother to a pleasant surprise while in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

On Thursday night, Mama Dangote shared a short video on her social media pages displaying the expensive gifts and money she had received from Ms Donna. The gifts included several designer perfumes, flowers, and money in dollars and Tanzanian currency.

Tanasha Donna and Mama Dangote share the same birthday date (July 7) and have previously held joint birthday parties. At the time, Tanasha was still dating Diamond Platnumz.

A happy Mama Dangote expressed her gratitude after receiving the gifts. She wrote in Swahili: “Duuuh natoka zangu site nakutana na Surprise ya zawadi yangu ya birthday kutoka kwa Mama Tom kaka @tanashadonna yani sina cha kusema ila nasema Alhamdullillah 🙏❤️🥰.” (I was just going about my business and I found a surprise birthday gift from Mama Tom kaka @tanashadonna. I have nothing to say but Alhamdullillah.)

Upon seeing the post, Tanasha replied; “Happy Belated Ma! 🎉💗🫶🏽😘.”

The gesture by Tanasha has left many people wondering what her intentions are. Some people believe that she is trying to win back Diamond’s heart, while others believe that she is simply being kind and generous.

Whatever her intentions may be, Tanasha’s gesture has certainly made Mama Dangote happy.


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♬ Happy Birthday – Diamond Platnumz

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