Kenyans are agitated with Omanyala and wife’s presence on Roaming Chef’s channel

Ferdinand Omanyala, Africa’s fastest man, recently delighted Kenyans by making an appearance with his wife, Laventa Amutavi, on the popular content creator Dennis Ombachi’s channel, known as the Roaming Chef.


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Ombachi shared the excitement on his channel, writing, “Peri Peri Chicken, Ugali & Managu For Africa’s Fastest Man & 9th Fastest Man In The World 🌎 @ferdiomanyala. We are counting down to the Paris Olympics, and I will be hosting fellow current and former Olympians as we build up to the Olympic games.”


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Fans who watched the video left various comments expressing their excitement:

  • Cee: Did I hear Laventa??😂
  • Shirley malee: Is that Omanyala’s wife?
  • Zain: The wife and hubby, what are we going to tell people?
  • Adam John: Laventa looks hungry🥺
  • Anttea2023: Can’t find the comment I’m looking for 😂😂
  • @Blacksheep: Those who get it, get it 😂😂
  • Rooney: 💀 😂😂Omanyala smiling for no reason

Omanyala and Laventa began their relationship discreetly several years ago, and in 2018, Laventa became pregnant.

Laventa shared that when she first learned about her pregnancy, both she and the sprinter were taken aback.


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Despite the initial shock, the couple remained strong, with Omanyala acknowledging his wife’s unwavering support in pursuing his dreams.

The sprinter disclosed that during the pandemic, his wife played a crucial role in their household finances.

“The pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as I trained for six months. Despite facing financial challenges, my girlfriend was working, and she supported us by paying the rent and bills. She contributed to my training expenses, rent, and food,” he explained.

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