Kenyans wonder when Karen Nyamu gets any work done

In Australia, where the Mugithi singer has been touring, Karen Nyamu and her boyfriend Samidoh were photographed hanging out during the last weekend.

In a video showing them leaving a nightclub and getting into an Uber, the couple—who are frequently the target of criticism—can be seen together once more.

The two appeared in one of Nyamu’s Instagram Story videos holding a drink in each hand and beaming with happiness as they prepared to perform.

In a different video, the mother of three captures Samidoh paying his Uber driver with a card and even sarcastically joking that someone can’t eat fare.

Later, after getting out of the Uber, we see the couple walking toward their rental house, and Karen asks him if she may make a quick call in the woods.

kenyan.posty Leo ni mechi😍😍😂

ogiddy4 Niulizie kaa wanaweza adopt mtoto 😂😂ako na degree ??

don.balloons Sifuna doing senatorial job all alone , wacha huyu achunge bwana😢

dennis_nk 37 m Anataka kupolute environment 😢

sudi_jo Roce coco Pro Max 15

makkracken What does she do again ????

geniuswhiteking Na huku si Roiro🤣🤣🤣🤣

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