Keranta Reacts After Flaqo’s Ex-Girlfriend Regrets Breaking Up With Him

Kenyan comedian Flaqo Raz is currently celebrating his girlfriend Winnie Keranta’s birthday in Dubai. However, he has recently been trending online for another reason.

Anne Tracy, Flaqo’s ex-girlfriend, admitted to regretting breaking up with him now that he is famous and rich. She also expressed envy that Keranta is the one with him in Dubai.

“I wish I had stayed with him, I would be in Dubai with him now,” Tracy wrote about her feelings. Tracy and Flaqo dated when they were in college, but the long distance proved to be a challenge.

Interestingly, Keranta has now deleted all the posts (or she could have most likely archived them) she had previously shared on her Instagram account.

It is unclear what motivated Keranta to delete her posts, but it is possible that she is uncomfortable with the attention that her relationship with Flaqo is now receiving. It is also possible that she is simply trying to protect her privacy.

Whatever the reason, Keranta’s actions have only fueled speculation about her relationship with Flaqo. Some fans believe that she is insecure about her relationship with Flaqo, while others believe that she is simply trying to protect their privacy.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Flaqo and Keranta’s relationship. However, one thing is for sure: their relationship is now under the spotlight.

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