Khalif Kairo Defends His Girlfriend After Claims That Her Past Was Unpleasant

One of Kenya’s fastest growing enterpreneurs Khalif Kairo has maintained his cool after he was attacked on X (Twitter) over being a ‘simp’ to his girlfriend Cera Imani.

The attack comes just after the young enterpreneur introduced his girlfriend, leading to online bullies taking advantage of the same.

While on twitter, a couple of people shared screenshots depicting Cera as having other men before starting to date Khalif.

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Khalif to the rescue

Upon seeing his girlfriend being subjected to the trolls, Khalif could no longer eschew response as he clapped back; adding that he’s even planning to marry the hottie despite her past.

Theres no past Trolls go her to IG, Looking for random content shoots where guys are involved, Screenshot then come to get clicks on X because most of you will buy the content and talk about it. Btw if theres confirmation huyu ndo naoa, nmepata hii weekend Next week ruracio!,” he wrote.

Khalif further stated that he’s not bothered with the online trolls and he would put up a baby shower for his girlfriend no matter what.

”Kamati ya roho chafu, endeleeni kutia bidii lakini huyu lazima afanyiwe harusi na baby shower in jesus name. Inauma lakini itabidi mzoee. Goodnight na tuonane kesho”

The young enterpreneur was also accused of being in the money-laundering business; which has enriched his lifestyle, but he refuted the claims, stating that it’s his own hardwork that has enabled him start his own car selling & buying business.

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