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Khaligraph Jones envies Timmy Tdat… wants to start performing topless like him

January 29, 2019 at 07:21
Khaligraph Jones envies Timmy Tdat... wants to start performing topless like him

Timmy Tdat is the king of stage if his ratchet performance is anything to go by. Apparently Timmy inspires other artistes, Khaligraph Jones now wants to take a leaf from him.

Performing topless and grinding on female revelers is a must for Timmy Tdat, the rapper has sparked uproar countless times thanks to his ratchet performances.

But Khaligraph now wants to emulate Timmy, the Kayole rapper also wants to start performing topless… but not grinding on women.


Khaligraph recently announced that he had gone back to the gym to work out so that he could get in shape, with the aim being to perform topless like Timmy.

“Am back on that Metal game, but I Had to Hide under my MKM jacket when standing close to these 2 beasts, by June pia me nataka nianze kutoa shati kwa stage kama akina @timmytdat lol Cc @stephenodudo @pippenjay #RESPECTTHEOGS,” wrote Khaligraph.

Khaligraph Jones at the gym

Khaligraph Jones at the gym





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