Khaligraph Jones sparks beef with entire Tanzanian rap fraternity

Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan rapper, has ignited a fiery clash with Tanzanian musicians following his recent comments on the state of hip-hop.

Khaligraph expressed his belief that hip-hop is experiencing a decline, with only a select few artists maintaining consistency in their craft. He also claimed that Tanzanian rappers are only capable of making soft melodies and Amapiano remixes, and that they are not real hip-hop artists.

These assertions have drawn sharp responses from the Tanzanian music community, with a war of words ensuing across borders.

Harmonize, the CEO of Konde Gang, has been one of the most vocal critics of Khaligraph’s comments. He has denounced Khaligraph’s remarks as a grave form of disrespect toward Tanzanian rappers and their artistic endeavors. Harmonize also reminded Khaligraph of their past collaboration, underlining the recognition it garnered and refuting any notion that Tanzanian rap was solely characterized by soft melodies and Amapiano remixes.

Another Tanzanian artist, Rosa Ree, has also entered the fray with a direct musical response to Khaligraph. In her official track, Rosa Ree asserts her dominance in the African rap scene and dismisses Khaligraph’s claims. She showcases her lyrical prowess, delivering a message that challenges his position while asserting her own superiority.

The ongoing feud between Khaligraph Jones and Tanzanian musicians is a reminder of the passionate rivalry that exists between the two countries’ music scenes. It is also a testament to the strength and resilience of Tanzanian hip-hop, which has continued to thrive despite Khaligraph’s attempts to discredit it.

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