King Bae treats Zari Hassan to a cosy night-out filled with romantic red roses amidst cheating allegations

Diamond Platinumz is keeping himself busy spitting venom at wife-to-be, Zari Hassan as King Bae savors the opportunity by spending on her.

Zari Hassan recently shared a clip referencing her soon-to-be wedding arrangements with King Bae that will be invites only.

Zari´s Papichullo already set the records straight, according her the dignity and respect of being the Queen in his life and he is not done yet.

Zari got spoilt with romantic gifts and a night out.

His gift card reads:

To the New Mrs M

Countdown to our big day

From Kingbae.


And like the Papichullo we know, a bouquet of roses will always be the perfect top dressing for any occasion:

It sure gets cosy in the night since this weather is not one to bank on:

It is evident Mr M cares less about what Zari´s ex, Diamond Platinumz has to reveal from under the mattress, because all he cares about is his Mrs M.

Mr M might hail from South Africa but I have this feeling he was brought up in the Spanish world, where love is their national language.

Romance and splendour is Zari´s lifestyle with South Africa´s Mr M.

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