King Kaka dedicates full album to God after miraculous recovery – says he is here to serve God

King Kaka has turned his life to God after he was healed from a unknown disease that saw him lose 33kgs in weeks and from what he says is that he never thought he would make it out alive – but somehow he did.

According to King Kaka – this experience not only changed him as a person but it turned is life around and unlike back then when he took most things for granted…the sickeness reminded that there is a higher power in control and is capable of humbling a person.

I feel like we take a lot of things for granted. I went to the hospital when I could not walk, I could not eat, sikuwa naskia njaa. Bro, I lost 33 kgs, I could count my ribs.

This being his second album, King Kaka told Dr Ofweneke its a covenant he made between him and God hence the message it carries.

I have a covenant with God. I feel like I have a covenant with God, me nilikuwa naambia msee, I’m doing this album because of only one person. Sijui ni nani but whoever will listen to the album to transform whatever it’s who I’m targeting.

King Kaka new body weight showing in photos

No longer for the world

Since its also a testimony to insipire listeners King Kaka made it know that he doesnr really care whether it will get millions of streams of not because at the end of the day – he released the song for the world to hear his testimony.

I am not looking for a million streams I don’t care. I’m here to serve, niko hapa ku serve.


I’m telling my story I have a powerful story, I’m writing a book currently, I think God has been in my life so many times, ni vile saa zingine sikuwa nanotice, so I’m just going to tell people the story of a King, that’s the title of the tour. The book is called second life. Im going to the whole country.

His album comes at a time when many gospel artists seem to have called it quits and prefer investing in secular music. However its his calling and he answered.

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