King Kalala Shares Her Views On Marriage, Family & Having Children

In a recent interview, Kenyan content creator Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, popularly known as King Kalala, shared her insights on marriage, family, and having children.

Despite ongoing speculations about her preferences, King Kalala expressed her desire to play the traditional feminine role in a relationship. The 25-year-old radio presenter stated that she would prefer not to carry the responsibility of providing for a girlfriend’s needs solely because she is in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

When questioned about her stance on marriage, Kalala admitted that she’s hesitant to commit at the moment. She highlighted the challenges of fidelity and the gravity of the commitment that comes with marriage, emphasizing that it’s not something to be taken lightly.

“Commitment is hard for me. It’s difficult. Maybe when I finally learn that skill, I will think about it. It’s one thing to cheat on your boyfriend, but cheating on your husband, after making vows before God and the community, is different,” Kalala expressed.

While marriage might not be on the horizon for Kalala just yet, she revealed her deep love for children and her desire to have a large family. Kalala shared that growing up in a family of four—her parents, herself, and her older brother—inspired her aspiration for a larger family.

She views having many children as an opportunity to achieve what her parents could not in terms of family size.

“I would like to have seven kids because, in my family, we are only two. If my partner and I disagree, we must reconcile. There’s no ‘silent treatment’ for two weeks,” she humorously remarked.

King Kalala’s views on marriage, family, and having children are refreshing and honest. She is not afraid to challenge societal norms and expectations, and she is clear about her own wants and needs. Her story is a reminder that there is no one right way to do life.

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