Khalmandro, notable Tanzanian music director, has passed away

Renowned Tanzanian music video director known as Khalfani, also referred to as Khalmandro, has passed away after a prolonged illness. He breathed his last at Muhimbili Hospital, where he had been receiving medical care.


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Throughout his career, Khalfani collaborated with various artists, including Marioo, Chino Kid, and Ben Pol, among other notable celebrities, leaving a lasting impact on the Tanzanian music industry.

His demise follows closely after the tragic loss of Zuchy, a talented photographer associated with Ayo TV, owned by Millardayo. Zuchy met his untimely death in a road accident involving a motorcycle in Mbezi Makonde, Dar es Salaam.

The passing of both Khalfani and Zuchy has deeply saddened the Tanzanian entertainment community, with numerous celebrities, including former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu, expressing their condolences on social media platforms.

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