‘Kitakuramba’- Jaguar Finally Responds To Akothee

As you may be aware Akothee is on a ranting mission exposing former Starehe member of parliament Charles Jaguar after he claimed he is richer than her.
“Mheshimiwa is someone who has achieved something, what did you attain for the past five years you were a member of parliament? The only time I heard about you was when Babu Owino was busy beating you up, I should call Babu Owino to place you where you belong,” she said.
In her latest rant, the mother of five has threw shade at the kigeugeu singer saying he achieved nothing during his time as a member of parliament and the only time she ever heard of him was when he was in a tiff with Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino.

Jaguar Responds

Jaguar has now responded to the endless rants made by Akothee about the wealth question. He took to social media to throw shade back at Akothee.

“Unachokipigania hukujii kitakuramba. A***thee …”

Akothee has been roasting Jaguar for days now. And she claimed she’ll continue for the rest of the week.

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