KRG Confirms He Has Another Wife Besides His Baby Mama (Video)

After cutting ties with his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru way back in 2021, KRG has finally declared he has already moved on.

The gengetone artist and businessman revealedthe latter in a recent interview with Oga Obinna; adding that he has already stayed with his current girlfriend for 5 years.

Even though the math doesn’t add up, KRG maintains that he’s in love with her and he’s even planning to wed her soon.

”I have a wife. Enda kwa Instagram yangu. She’s been there for years.”

He continued;

”I only have four kids. Unless I add two kids with my wife. I think my wife is final. I already know what women want in life.”

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KRG divorces Ex-Wife

KRG The Don claims that he chose to divorce his ex-wife, Linah Wanjiru, because she grew idle and started rolling with chokoras.

KRG added that his ex-wife’s reasoning took a downward spiral to the point he could not condone her anymore.

“There is a certain level of richness that when you reach, there are some nonsense you cease tolerating. There are certain people you no longer want to see around you,” he said.

The musician claims he tried everything in his power to try and save his marriage with Linah, but his efforts ended in a cul de sac.

Watch his full interview below;

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