KRG doubles down on hugging and fondling Diana Marua

KRG the Don and Diana Marua’s close interaction at a party a few months ago caused a stir online.

Bahati was present at the party, but he seemed like a third wheel as KRG and Diana enjoyed each other’s company.

Despite the backlash, Bahati kept quiet about the incident. However, it seems that he had been dwelling on it for some time, as he recently addressed it in a cheeky post.

He shared a photo of himself with a couple, with the caption, “Someone tell KRG that’s Where to Place your hands while taking photos with Someone’s Girlfriend / Wife 😂😉😃 Thanks to this amazing Couple @mcjimmiekajim and @wambui_kajim for Starring on my New Song #HUYU 🌷❤️😊.”

Bahati’s post was seen as a subtle shade at KRG, reminding him to keep his hands to himself when interacting with other people’s wives.

It remains to be seen how KRG will respond to Bahati’s post, but it is clear that the tension between the two men is still simmering.

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