KRG humiliated after flossing millions as Robert Alai exposes source

Since yesterday evening, when he posted a video on social media showing off large sums of money, Kenyan rapper KRG the Don has been explaining all the difficulties he has faced.

The musician revealed in a video he posted to his Instagram stories that he struggled to get any sleep at night out of concern that those looking for money would be able to find him.

“Unadhani nimelala mahali moja usiku yote? Nimelala niki hama hama hadi asubuhi. Nimelala nyumba nne kutoka usiku hadi asubuhi.

Nalala 2 hours naona nikama wanakuja hapo natoka, nahama hiyo nyumba naenda ingine… Hiyo pesa imeniletea shida mingi sana.”

The artist acknowledged that, looking back, sending the cash bundles so late at night was a mistake. Yesterday, the artist demonstrated how he was counting stacks of cash in a 3-minute video.

After placing the cash in a gold bag, he answers a call from someone who is paying him Sh 90 million to take part in a betting promotion.

Krg declines the offer, claiming that he is a “90 million ni pesa kidogo,” a man of prestige. He insisted that betting enterprises had substantial budgets for promotions and demanded at least Sh100 million.

“For 90 million they should look for someone else. Bro, I am number one right now.”

Kenyans weighed in with their views in addition to KRA telling him that they demand a portion of Ceasar’s property.

Many were outraged by his ability to brag while oblivious to the fact that the majority of people in the community are fighting to put food on the table.

The revenue collecting agency received numerous tags from KOT that read “ifikie KRA.”

Robert Alai, an MCA from Kilimani, added his voice. On Twitter, he mocked the artist, calling him “another broke fool who is given money by former MP to flaunt.”

His remark even fueled the flames, as his admirers once more questioned whether he obtained his money honestly.


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