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KRG the Don Criticized Over Claims He’s Worth Ksh 5 Billion

October 29, 2022 at 11:47
KRG the Don Criticized Over Claims He's Worth Ksh 5 Billion

For several days, the colloquy on people’s net-worths has been trendy. And the genesis of it all was Cabinet members: who had to divulge their net-worth to Kenyans. And we have to admit, the figures left us all flabbergasted.

The Cabinet nominees of the Kenya Kwanza government are worth a total of Sh15.25 billion: with Musalia Mudavadi taking the lead with a 4Billion networth.

KRG’s Net Worth

To join the conversation, musician KRG also revealed his net-worth- and estimated it to be worth Ksh 5 Billion!

There’s no doubt KRG is among the wealthiest musicians in the 254. And it can be discerned from the properties that he owns.

But netizens remain un-convinced about his net-worth. For some like comedian Eddie Butita, he claims KRG is taking us for a ride with the information.

KRG Responds

Upon seeing all the haters making denigratory statements about his Net-worth, KRG couldn’t eschew response.

“Kwanini watu wanakasirikia success yangu? Niko na pesa na sio tafadhali… Na pesa zangu sio za kupea watu bure coz naendelea kuchanga ndio nifikie akina Elon Musk and the other dollar billionaires.”

Although KRG is wealthy, not everyone is buying his claims of being worth 5 billion. Do you believe his sentiments on the same?


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