KRG the Don Defends Himself After Viral Video Of Him Getting ‘Naughty’ With Diana Marua

Rapper KRG the Wear has ended his quiet in regards to the as of late surfaced video highlighting him and Diana Marua, the spouse of individual craftsman Bahati.
The video has created huge consideration on Twitter, with clients communicating their interests and bringing up issues about the individual limits among KRG and Diana.

All through the contention, Diana’s better half Bahati seemed determined by the vicinity and actual contact caught in the video.

“I am very close to the family. I am the godfather of their daughter, Heaven. We are very tight, and we vibe like brothers and sisters,” KRG explained.

KRG The Don defends interactions with Marua

In a meeting with nearby media house on July 18, KRG tended to the commotion and shed light on his relationship with Diana, underscoring their nearby bond.

Answering the discussion encompassing the video, KRG guarded the idea of their associations.

He immovably expressed that as long as Diana and her better half are OK with their relationship and there is common regard, it isn’t really for others to pass judgment.
KRG went on to make sense of that he imparts areas of strength for an association with Diana and her loved ones.

Alluding to himself as the adoptive parent of their girl, Paradise, he underscored the very close nature of their relationship.

The vocalist portrayed their cooperations as those between kin, where embraces and shared minutes are a characteristic piece of their bond.
He excused any thoughts of a close connection and underlined the significance of regarding Diana’s decisions and independence.

KRG solidly declared that Diana is definitely not a little youngster to be controlled, and individuals ought to zero in on their own lives.


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