KRG the Don Reveals Why He Closed His Multi-Million Club Casa Vera Lounge (Video)

KRG the Don, owner of Nairobi’s formerly popular Casa Vera Lounge, recently addressed the club’s temporary closure on Obinna’s YouTube channel.

He acknowledged the challenging nature of Nairobi’s nightlife scene, citing a limited pool of patrons who frequent various entertainment venues.

“The drinkers in Nairobi aren’t many,” KRG explained, “it’s the same people moving from club to club.”

This, coupled with the growing competition from new establishments like Quiver Lounge in Kilimani, prompted Casa Vera’s closure for renovations and improvements.

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KRG likened the situation to maintaining a relationship

: “The club business is like a beautiful girl. There are new ones every day, so if you love her, you have to take her to the salon every time.”

Casa Vera’s revamp aims to elevate the entertainment experience and compete effectively in the evolving Nairobi nightlife landscape.

While KRG downplayed the impact of Quiver Lounge’s arrival, he emphasized the need for strategic adjustments to retain customers upon Casa Vera’s reopening.

This closure serves as a strategic pause for Casa Vera, allowing them to adapt and potentially recapture their audience in Nairobi’s competitive nightlife scene.

Watch his full interview below;

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