Kwambox Apologizes To Khaligraph Jones For Alleging He Turned Down BBC Interview

Morning Kiss host Kwambox has finally apologized to Khaligraph Jones weeks after alleging that he had turned down a BBC interview.

Kwambox admitted that he made a mistake and that Khaligraph Jones did do the interview. He also said that he and Khaligraph Jones are now on good terms.

“We had a conversation here on air and I remember expressing my concerns as his fan for not showing up during an interview. I took time this weekend and did my research and he did the interview. Me and Khaligraph are good. He did do the interview and he sounded extremely happy. He did the interview on BBC.

We all make mistakes, mimi kwangu yangu ilifika lakini am not too proud to apologize .We did have a conversation me and him we cool,” Kwambox shared on air.

Weeks ago, Kwambox and his co-host Chito alleged that Khaligraph Jones had turned down an interview with BBC. Khaligraph Jones denied the allegation and said that no such thing happened.

“DJ Edu apparently reached out to try and interview him and Khaligraph was like sikutambui.”

Chito disagreed, saying that Khaligraph Jones’ management team was to blame for not securing the interview.

Kwambox added that Khaligraph Jones would have achieved a lot of collaborations if he had accepted the interview.

“Khali was talking to Tanzanians right here and didn’t have time for BBC Xtra? As a fan I’m disappointed,” she said.

In his response, Khaligraph Jones said that Kwambox and Chito were talking nonsense and that they should stop posting lies.

It is good to see that Kwambox has finally apologized to Khaligraph Jones. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and it is also important to be humble enough to apologize when we are wrong.

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