Kwani zinakanyaga umaskini? Fans mock Ringtone after parading shoes worth Ksh 56,000

Welcome to Kenya where gospel artists publicly parade their expensive shoes, jewelry and attires; just to prove they have enough money locked in their banks!

Among the known artists known for this is Ringtone Apoko who often enjoys showing off his expensive lifestyle through his social media pages.

So far we understand Ringtone not only owns an expensive car collection; but rumor also has it that he has posh homes located in some of Nairobi suburban areas!

Anyway just a few days ago the singer left many Kenyans pissed off  after parading shoes worth Ksh 56,700. In the comment section, there are those who applauded him for affording such a pair; however we also can’t forget many Kenyans continue to suffer financially during this pandemic.

Apoko’s new shoes

Show off

Others however could not hold back from asking Ringtone to quit showing off since he can’t make good use of his own money.

In the comment section, fans went on to urge him to use the money by helping the less fortunate around him; that is if indeed he is a true Christian dedicated to walk in the footsteps of Christ.

This is however not the first time Ringtone is finding himself in such a position; but as usual he often ignores by moving on with his life.

Gospel artist, Ringtone Apoko

Angered fans

Apart from the sarcastic questions left in the comment section; most of the fans warned the singer about his pride which would lead to his fall!

And since the likes of Xtian Dela are already exposing the fake Christian life most of these artists live; I bet Apoko is less worried since he has already invested his money wisely and has enough to survive on even when fans boycott his music!

But come to think of it, looking at The Bahatis, Murayas among other gospel celebrities in the industry; you’ll be able to see that the gospel industry is a playground for showing off who has made it in life faster than the other!

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