Ladies! Daddy Owen FINALLY takes off wedding ring months after separating from wife

Marriage is one hard institution. I hear it requires love, patience, selfishness and above all loyalty – a virtue (both married and single) are yet to master.

So far we have seen celebrities divorce and separate from their partners simply because things are not just working. One of these celebrities happens to be gospel singer Daddy Owen who is said to have been dumped by his wife, Farida Wambui about a year ago.

Word on the streets had it that Daddy Owen’s wife who doubles up as the mother of kids bagged a wealthy man for herself and decided to elope. The story came as a big surprise but then again – these things happen in our society everyday.


Daddy Owen moving on

Despite the separation rumors Daddy Owen continued to sport his wedding ring in public, sparking confusion and speculation that perhaps the couple were working through their problems.

Others saw this as a sign of commitment to the vows he exchanged with estranged wife before man and God. Or maybe he just hang in there for personal reasons but looks like the singer has now removed the jewellery, showing off a ring-free hand in latest photos posted to his Instagram account.

When asked about his latest move by Mpasho, singer Daddy Owen did not disclose much but was quick to say;

For now, just know it was time to remove it.

And with that – I guess it’s fair to say Daddy Owen is finally moving on!

So now it’s over to you singles looking for a good husband…..

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