Lady battling with Trevor Ombija over noise pollution now says the restaurant is owned by ‘Mumama’

Trevor Ombija has been trending for days thanks to a video circulating on social media where he was heard saying he had offered a certain lady to sound proof her apartment due to her many complaints about noise coming from his lavish restaurant dubbed Samaki Samaki.

Trevor Ombija
Trevor Ombija on holiday with Larry Madowo

Well, as expected KoT had a field day with clip trolling the 35 year old for his statement – which by the way many claim is nothing but a cheap brag. However, looking at his career and his restaurant business said to be worth millions chances are that he wasnt bluffing.

Anyway, so turns put the lady he was talking about during the meeting aimed at bringing solution to noisy clubs and restaurants near neighbourhood is none other than Former model Emma Too. We know this thanks to a post she shared clapping back at Trevor Ombija..and being one not to mess with she even revealed the restaurant isnt Ombija’s. Alaar.

Emma Too, lady said to be battling Trevor Ombija over noise pollution from his restaurant

I’m truly the wrong lady to intimidate! I’m not even shocked that’s how he thinks he can solve this! I have been very clear about what they should do!


I never address Noah, I address the real owner!

Model Emma Too vs Trevor Ombija

If you think that is all then youre wrong….Emma Too went on to reveal that she had tried resolving this peacefully since…you know…she’s a woman and the business belongs to a fellow woman…so girl power, but unfortunately it had to come down to this (twitter war.)

Emma Too

I have been very consistent in my cry about the said establishment and I have never attacked them or even said the name here.


The reasons being it is a woman-owned business which I guarded and wanted her to do the right thing.

Well not quite sure how true her allegations are but her issue with Ombija comes just a few months after rumor had it that Trevor’s lifestyle is allegedly sponsored….but then again – he did deny the allegations.


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