Larry Madowo Risks Losing Verified Twitter Account After Refusing To Pay $8

After Elon Musk’s twitter takeover, there’s been numerous changes to the app. To begin with, Elon has dealt with pseudo accounts quite well.

But there are always pros & cons that come with change. Through Twitter Blue, participating organizations will need to pay a $1,000 a month subscription fee, and individual users will have to pay $8 a month to maintain their verified status. Users who are part of paying organizations can also be verified by being associated with them.

That being said, celebrated news reporter Larry Madowo is not going with the flow. The talented anchor now claims he’s ready to risk losing his verified twitter account with over 2.4 million followers since he’s not willing to pay the amount.

”I have no plans to pay for Twitter Blue at this time and neither does CNN. Twitter says my blue checkmark will soon disappear – after 12 years of being verified. Anyone will be able to create an account in my name and get it verified for $8. What could possibly go wrong?”

And it’s evident that most verified people on twitter won’t be able to uphold their blue ticks as they’re not in agreement with Elon Musk

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