LGBTQ content creator Kinuthia’s mother proud of him as he gifts her million shilling gift

Cross-dresser Official Kinuthia has a new baby called Blessing. But this is not a human baby. It is a red car that he bought a few days ago.

Kinuthia surprised his family with the new purchase over the weekend. His mother, who is his biggest supporter, was so overcome with emotion that she almost collapsed on the car.

“I know it’s going to be emotional for my mum because last week my sister bought a car and then this week yani guys, I know mum will be relieved because we borrow her car so much,” Kinuthia said.

His mother shed tears as he comforted her that he loves her and is happy to see her joyous over his success in life. She almost thought it was a prank. She raised her hands as mothers do to bless him, saying “Ni baraka,” while hugging him. She also did a test drive of the car.

Kinuthia’s new car is a symbol of his success and his mother’s pride in him. It is also a reminder of the importance of family and support.

  • Kinuthia’s new car is a red Toyota Camry.
  • Kinuthia’s mother is a single mother.
  • Kinuthia is a well-known drag queen social media personality in Kenya.
  • Kinuthia’s new car has been met with mixed reactions, with some people praising him for his success and others criticizing him for his lifestyle.

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