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Like mother like daughter: Kambua Muziki introduces lookalike mum and fans can’t cope (Photo)

October 07, 2021 at 12:32
Like mother like daughter: Kambua Muziki introduces lookalike mum and fans can’t cope (Photo)

Singer Kambua has not had it easy this year especially with loss of her newborn son; that saw her take a short social media break – but looks like she is back and better.

Kambua in mourning after losing pregnancy

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For the last few days Kambua has been quite active on her IG, sharing encouragement posts to uplift fans; and on the latest one she talks about relationships with mothers.

According to Kambua, she feels lucky to have an understanding, loving mother who has walked with her during some of her toughest moments. On this special post, Kambua for the first time – after a very long time unveiled one of her mums latest photos and boy is she fine like her daughter.

Kambua with lookalike mum

To caption the lovely post the gospel singer wrote;

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This is my mommy. She is gorgeous and I love her deeply. 🤍

Toxic relationships with mums

However, I understand that this post was also aimed at reaching out to fans; who have not had good relationships with their mums.

Addressing them on this same post, Kambua who was fortunate to grow up with a loving mum went on to add;

I am however aware that some of us here have not had good/great relationships with our mothers. I listened to a friend of mine on @unmotheringthewoman share her journey and experience with toxic motherhood. For some It’s physical abuse, or absentee mothers, others it’s navigating emotions like a minefield.

Although it’s not easy to find children beefing with their mums in most African homes; Kambua made it her duty to remind her fans the kind of power mums holds as she added;

Our mothers are so powerful- they have the ability to make or break us.

Well, it’s a good thing she is creating awareness for the silent ones who have had difficult relationship with their mums.


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