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List of companies the late Nicholas Biwott allegedly owned

July 17, 2017 at 14:52
List of companies the late Nicholas Biwott allegedly owned

Kenyans on social media are not done trolling the late Nicholas Biwott. Despite having kept a low profile after disappearing from politics, most Kenyans still remembered the fella for being involved in most scandals when corruption in government was the norm.

For those who remember he was among the most wealthiest men and the fact that he also owned Yaya Centre and had shares at Kenol Kobil shows that he was no joke.

Anyway there is a list making rounds on social media showing some of the companies he allegedly owns. However we are not sure how reliable the list is but word has it that it was leaked by those close to him.

Below is a list of the companies he apparently owned.

1 .Barsirim Investment -Biwott 100%
2.Kipsinende Farm- Biwott 100%
3. Rono Ltd- Biwott 100%
4. National Milling Corporation- Seven shareholders including Moi and Kulei
5. Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion) – Biwott 100%
6. HZ Group of Companies- Biwott 100%
7. LZ Engineering Biwott 100%
8. Premier Group of Companies- Biwott 100%
9. HZ Construction and Engineering -Biwott 100%
10. Air Kenya Aviation Ltd- Biwott 100%
1 1 . Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd- Biwott 100%
12. Ziba Management & Services -Biwott 100%
13. HZ Group of Companies, Israel- Biwott 100%
14. Lima Kenya- Biwott 50%, Moi 50%
15. Air Kenya- Biwott 50%, Moi 50%
16. Safaricom Kenya- Biwott, Charles Field Marsham and Gideon Moi.
17. Uhuru Highway Development – Biwott
18. 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia
19. Kenol-Kobil- Biwott.
20. Petrol Stations in Uganda Operated through Kenol-Kobil! (Worth KSh7 billion)
21 . Westmont – An independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh.
22. Grand Diani Reef Hotel – Biwott
23. Regional Air – Biwott.
24. H Young and Company Steel manufacturers – Biwott
25. First American Bank- Merali, Biwott, James Kanyotu, Gideon Moi
26. Middle East Bank- Biwott, Moi
27. TransNational Bank -Moi, Biwott, Nyachae, Kangwana


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