Luhyas will be the end of us! Collins Injera’s super heavy breakfast leaves the internet in stitches 

There is a perception that a single rugby player can eat a whole goat like it’s no big deal. Collins Injera has further given credence to this theory.

Everybody knows Luhyas love their food more than anything. For Luhya rugby players, no word is big enough to describe their appetite.

Collins Injera is not ashamed of his appetite at all, he is a foodie. Kenya’s all time leading try scorer is fond of posting photos of food he eats on social media.

Ugali chapati for breakfast

Collins Injera left Kenyans laughing out loud when he shared a photo of his breakfast. The Mwamba RFC player eats ugali, chapati, veges and chicken for breakfast.

Classic FM presenter Carol Radull was among netizens who teased Collins Injera when he shared a photo of his heavy breakfast.

“Now you know what it takes to do a #ClassicDummy ??? @cinjera Luhyas will be the end of us ??? #Kenya7s #Dubai7s #Shujaa #Rugby7s #RecoveryIsKey #BreakfastOfChampions,” Carol Radull commented on the post Collins Injera posted.


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