#Maandamano: Maseno Student shot dead by police

We all thought we had escaped Maandamano Monday free of fatalities but that doesn’t seem to be the case as it is being reported that a 3rd-year Maseno student was shot and killed by police officers in Kisumu West, Maseno area.

Man Shot During The Ongoing Maandamano Protests

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Embakasi East member of parliament, Babu Owino had the following to say about the tragedy:


Police killed a student from Maseno university.So sad to educate a child to the university and lose him in the hands of a police officer who swore to protect lives and property.The only offense this comrade committed was to complain of going without food coz of high cost of living.Rest in peace comrade.

On his part, Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo issued a statement saying,

A trigger-happy police officer today shot and killed a third year literature student at
Maseno University, without any lawful cause.

The student was murdered in cold blood as he and his colleagues were demonstrating
at Maseno center over the high cost of living.

It is unfortunate that instead of using tear gas or rubber bullets, the police chose to
fire live ammunition at the students.

The police should exhibit professionalism and restraint while quelling riots instead
of using brutality on un-armed protestors.

As we send condolence messages to the family of the slain student and the Maseno
University fratenity, we demand that the police officer who fired the killer bullet be
arrested and prosecuted as soon as possible.

God bless the dead.

Sights and sounds: Maandamano Monday in progress

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