Maandy Defends Arbantone Against Originality Criticisms

‘Bubbly bubbly’ hitmaker Maandy has delivered her harangue to critics who dismiss Arbantone music as unoriginal remixes.

Taking to social media, Maandy argues that Kenyan music has been dominating the charts for weeks, unlike foreign music which often takes center stage. She points out the popularity of Kenyan music in clubs, backed up by DJs who see high viewership on Kenyan remixes on Youtube.

Maandy suggests that critics might not be part of Arbantone’s target audience. Her data shows a younger demographic that enjoys and appreciates this style of music.

“I like to mind my business, but allow me to say this, for the past two or three weeks, top 3 trending songs, zimekuwa Kenyan songs.

“Every single time there is a popular sound in Kenya, you hear foreign music. Have you ever thought about that? You wont see a popular American, Nigerian song, you will purely hear Kenyan. You go to the club its just Kenyans. and as they are playing this, and I need Dj’s to maybe back me up,” she said

She encourages critics to let the genre evolve and improve through experimentation, highlighting that sampling is a common practice worldwide.

Maandy emphasizes the creativity behind Arbantone, stating she has albums of original beats and her producer samples them to create the unique Arbantone sound.

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