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Magix Enga Offers Jalang’o Ksh 2 Million A Month To Quit Politics And Stay On Radio

January 21, 2022 at 10:41
Magix Enga Offers Jalang'o Ksh 2 Million A Month To Quit Politics And Stay On Radio

Kenya’s beat King Magix Enga has been on the limelight for the last couple of days after his intriguing revelation that was taken by many as clout. The musician and music producer divulged that he joined the devil worshipping group ‘illuminati’ in his early 20’s; and this was his Damascus moment where his riches began.

Enga demystified that he was conglomerated into illuminati by a ‘mzungu’ lady who offered to connect her to ‘the big boys’ who include Rick Ross. The 29 year old went ahead to state that his move to join the group was expedited by the fact that he grew up in a poor family and desired to be rich by all means.

He also claimed that there are very many Kenyan artists who are in the group; and that it’s real.

”Illuminati is real and people should stop joking about it… Mimi ilinifanyikia nikiwa 24 years. And I bought my first car…”

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Money Offering

Money doesn’t seem to be a problem for him now. And this is why the music producer is offering to pay Jalang’o monthly in order for him to quit politics. The radio personality and comedian recently made the announcement that he’ll be leaving radio but he needs to pass the mic to the next Jalang’o. He will be vying for Lang’ata MP seat.

But it turns out, Magix Enga is a huge fan of his presentation on radio; and wouldn’t mind splashing loads of cash to him.

”Kama ni doh unatafuta kwa government, I’m here my brother. Every month call me. Rudi kwa radio achana na hii mambo ya siasa… Kama unatengenezanga 1 million a month, mi nakutumia 2 million…”

Watch Magix Enga full interview below;



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