Magix Enga Set For Musical Comeback

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga is getting ready to make a big musical comeback after taking a professional break due to financial difficulties and a mental health issue.

Enga announced his return on his own Instagram account, thanking everyone who supported him through his dark days.

“Back from the shadows, stronger than ever. Mungu Wangu Hujainiangusha 🙏 Thank you to everyone who never lost faith in me,” Enga wrote.

He gave special thanks to the people and organizations who had helped him along the way, such as DJ Sule, Big Afrique Studios, Asila Bunny, Nebert Nebo, Kerry Lens, and Willy M Tuva.

The master of music also expressed his gratitude to his wife for her steadfast support.

“Massive big up to my friends and fans pia… mmekua mkiuliza Enga alienda wapi… Enga is back ‼️ Time to create some epic timeless music,” Enga said.

The formerly successful producer said he was ready to have another big influence in the music business.

The single father said how happy he was to be working with his colleagues in Eldoret.

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