Major Road Closures Announced for YouthConnekt Africa Summit in Nairobi

Nairobi police have announced the closure of several major roads in the city center to facilitate the operations of the YouthConnekt Africa 2023 summit. This significant event, taking place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) from December 8th to 12th, will bring together over 20,000 young people from across Africa and beyond.

Affected Roads:

  • Parliament Road
  • City Hall Way
  • Taifa Road
  • Harambee Avenue

Duration of Closures:

The aforementioned roads will be closed for a period of four days, starting from December 8th.

Motorist Advice:

Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei urged motorists to cooperate with the authorities and follow instructions provided by officers on the ground. He also encouraged drivers to utilize alternative routes to avoid congestion.

About the Summit:

The YouthConnekt Africa 2023 summit, sponsored by Kenya, YouthConnekt Africa Hub, and UNDP, will focus on the theme “Youth Innovating a Borderless African Renaissance.” The event aims to:

  • Highlight youth leadership and innovation in driving Africa’s integration.
  • Facilitate policy discussions, storytelling, and networking opportunities.
  • Offer entrepreneur-focused programs such as marketplaces and investor meetings.

Significance of the Summit:

The YouthConnekt Africa has established itself as the largest business and policy convener on youth development in Africa. Hosted by Heads of State, the summit serves as a crucial platform for:

  • Engaging young people with leaders, policymakers, and development champions.
  • Addressing emerging development issues.
  • Influencing strong policy changes.
  • Promoting increased investment in youth development initiatives across the continent.

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