Manzi Wa Kibera Dates Two Old Men At The Same Time, Says Samidoh Inspires Her

Socialite Sharon Wambui, also known as Manzi wa Kibera, has declared that she loves her men equally and that Mugithi musician Samidoh Muchoki is her mentor.

Wambui recently came clean about having two relationships at the same time—with her ex-husband Nzioki and her boyfriend Daniel Njau. She described herself as the female version of Samidoh, who is in a relationship with two women; Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu.

“I have never parted ways with Njau, and I have never parted ways with Nzioki. I have them both; my husband Nzioki, my husband Njau!” Manzi Wa Kibera declared.

The socialite said her goal to manage her love life such that her partners never meet, using Samidoh’s relationship dynamics with Edday and Karen Nyamu as examples.

“Just like Samidoh, who has two women, I have two husbands. Each person plays independently. They have never met. I am the female version of Samidoh. Hawa watu hawawezi kutana because if they do, it will be another World War 2.”

“I took away their phones to keep the field clean. I am dating them at the same time; there is no day I have come out and said I have broken up with Nzioki,” she clarified.

Recently, Manzi wa Kibera divulged that she’s sympathetic with Njau; who claimed he sold his property to in order to maintain Manzi wa Kibera. She is now looking forward to dating both of them at the same time.

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