Manzi wa Kibera Re-Unites With Ex-Lover ‘Mzae’

It seems that upcoming socialite Sharon Wambui, also known as Manzi wa Kibera, has reconciled with her 67-year-old ex-husband, Nzioki.

The socialite and Mzae were seen having breakfast in a video that she posted on her Instagram page. The caption of the video said, “Kisses for breakfast,” a song featuring Jamaican musician Samantha J.

A few days after Manzi Wa Kibera said she was expecting a child in October, her 67-year-old husband rejected the pregnancy, claiming he had been tricked.

‘The socialite had to disclose to everyone who caused her pregnancy”, he said.

“Hapana haiezi kuwa yangu hata, si yangu hio, nimekataa kata kata kabisa. Haiezi kua yangu hio atuambie ni ya nani. Nataka akuje anielezee, aniambie ni ya nani,” he said.

Nzioki requested financial aid from Kenyans on January 11, 2024, stating that his romance with the socialite had left him broke.

He revealed that the reason for their breakup was that he had tried to impress and take care of his ex-girlfriend with all of his savings.

His possessions were lost in the aftermath, and he expressed concern about the circumstances.

The 67-year-old clarified that his ex-girlfriend had grown cold and unloving as a result of their financial difficulties.

The socialite responded by refuting the claims that his supposed promiscuity was the reason behind their separation.

She presented Daniel Njau, a 75-year-old new lover, and charged Nzioki with having many extramarital affairs while spending money on them.

The socialite from the ghetto insisted she was unaware of the elderly man’s financial limitations.

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